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Molding Testing

Mescher Home Inspections offers certified mold testing for your home in Des Moines, Iowa and the surrounding areas.

To ensure your family’s safety and a healthy living environment, Mescher Home Inspections offers mold testing to our clients. We perform two different types of mold testing.

  • Swab or tape samples. This is used when mold is visible. A mold swab or tape is only valid for one specific area. The swab will tell us what type of mold is present at the sample area.
  • Air testing. This is used to collect samples on the interior of the home in various areas along with an exterior/control sample for comparison. The air testing will tell us what type of mold and at what level is found in the air.

When performing mold tests, MHI collects the sample and overnights it to a lab for processing. We receive results in 2 business days and will email you a copy of the mold analysis report.

Note: We do not perform mold inspections as there are mold spores virtually everywhere. This includes indoor and outdoor areas.