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It’s true what they say…there is no better marketing than word-of-mouth. At Mescher Home Inspections, we take this very seriously. So go ask around! We’re certain you will like what you hear. Or, take a minute to read below what our clients are saying about us.

Realtors Testimonials

Mescher Home Inspections is the most extreme example of its kind in Home Inspections. As a Real Estate professional and to me personally, Mescher Home Inspections provides a most profound degree of quality of work including a unique set of skills, experience, knowledge, professionalism, detailed reporting and photos. I can and do refer Mescher Home Inspections with the utmost confidence.
Jean Becker-Wold, Realtor, Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Transactions Plus, Inc.
I recommend Nick Mescher from Mescher Home Inspections because, first of all, I think Nick is the best home inspector in town.  His experience and expertise shows when he is looking at a home, when he writes his reports, and when he explains what he has seen to either a buyer or the buyer’s agent.  Nick is also very personable and gets along with everyone, he has great people skills, and is very likeable.  Another huge attribute is the fact that Nick is open to a phone call or email from either the client or the agent after the inspection if there are any questions or concerns.  That is important because he’s willing to keep the lines of communication open and that makes my job a lot easier.

Overall, I’ve had nothing but great experiences using Nick and recommending Nick to my clients for their home inspection needs.  I’ve even got an investor client who contacts Nick directly when we find the next income property she wants to purchase because she’s sold on his expertise and she loves his personality. That tells me all I need to know about the person I’m recommending to my clients.

Larry Pickering, Realtor, Iowa Realty
I have been using Mescher Home Inspections since they have opened.  Nick is awesome to work with and goes through the home with the clients and explains everything including potential hazards, upcoming maintenance issues, and general homeowner items which is above and beyond what a lot of other inspectors do.  All of my clients thank me for picking Nick- which is a true testament to his professionalism.  His staff is very prompt and courteous when calling for a home inspection and have had a few clients contact him with questions after the inspection and he responded very quickly.  He is very thorough and professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer him to anyone who is in need of a home inspection.
Amy Wiederin, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group, Realtors
Nick Mescher is a top notch inspector who has always been honest, knowledgeable, and great to work with.  He does the inspection, and is always available for follow up questions for anyone involved in the transaction.  I like that Nick is punctual and professional and can help with any of my clients needs.  If there are questions or issues that happen after the buyer moves in, he is quick to research and help remedy them.  He always backs his work, and will make sure things are right.  I appreciate his attention to my clients and being flexible with his schedule.  He is the only one I recommend after being in the business 18 years. As a listing agent, I welcome his inspections because I know he sets expectations with the buyer.  He explains what an inspection is for, and delivers information in a way that does not scare a potential homeowner.  He has a great reputation in the Real Estate business and I am lucky to have found someone I really trust.
Tiffini DeHaan, Realtor, Iowa Realty

Homebuyers Testimonials

I have utilized Nick Mescher twice for my home inspections. Both homes were new construction homes. I found Nick to be reliable, clean, honest, and respectful when conducting the inspections in my homes. Nick also came highly recommended from my Iowa Realty realtor as well. Nick presents himself professionally and I have always found him to be pleasant. He conducts himself in a professional manner as well. In addition, I have been very appreciative of his referral to companies that he has done business with and has found to be honest and professional. I utilized MB Radon per Nick’s referral as well as Springer Home Services both with very positive results.

Nick is prompt with his results of the Home Inspection and forwards that out as soon as possible. His report is very thorough, detailed, and easy to process the information which is important in an inspection as well.
Megan, it has also been a pleasure to work with you in obtaining some of Nick’s referrals for other services. I appreciate that Nick has someone who will answer the phone and make the appointments as well. Thank you for all that you have both done for me. I really appreciate it.

Jane, Home Buyer
Nick and Megan are extremely professional and very willing to answer all of your questions. Since we are buying our first home it was important to have someone we would feel comfortable with but Nick is so experienced he immediately put us at ease. The process is very thorough and you are told exactly what is being documented while photos are being taken. The report is very comprehensive and the comments very clear and we received it the same day! There wasn’t one question he couldn’t answer and made suggestions on how to further investigate the deficiencies that were found. The value of a home inspection prior to purchase is priceless and being present really helps you get to know the home you are are going to buy from a different perspective. It is easy to get caught up in how good everything looks but Nick cares about his clients and helps you see past the new carpet and paint. Mescher Home Inspections is the entire package – great value, great service and a company with integrity.
Elizabeth, Home Buyer
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