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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some common questions our customers and potential customers have. If you have other questions that aren’t listed, please email office@mescherhomeinspections.com or call our office at (515)289-4100.

Why do I need a home inspection? 2016-07-28T13:23:12+00:00

Your home is one of the most important and largest purchases you will ever make. A home inspection is an inexpensive way to discover the universal condition of a home. Having a professional home inspection from a leading home inspection company will give you peace of mind and assist you in a fair and smooth transaction.

Is it ok to follow along with the inspector during the inspection? 2015-02-16T12:34:20+00:00

Absolutely! We encourage you to walk along with our home inspector during the home inspection. This provides you with a great opportunity to ask a home expert any questions you may have and learn more about your future home.

When can I expect to receive the inspection report? 2016-07-19T23:53:35+00:00

We pride ourselves on same day service. You will receive the electronic inspection report the same day as your inspection is completed. It will arrive to you via email. Every report is comprehensive and includes photos.

How long will my inspection last? 2015-02-16T12:34:42+00:00

A typical home inspection will take 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, depending on the age and size of the home.

What items are excluded from a home inspection? 2015-02-16T12:34:58+00:00

Things that we do not inspect include phone lines, cable lines, security systems, pools and hot tubs and septic systems.

Why should I choose Mescher Home Inspections? 2017-05-19T07:48:31+00:00

Our team of experts provides the experience and professionalism you are looking for! We pride ourselves on providing a personalized customer experience and high level of customer service. Our job is to educate and assist our customers to better understand the existing conditions of a property. When the inspection is completed, our goal is to ensure our customers have the knowledge they need to make an informed decision about the home they are buying or selling.

We are central Iowa’s leading home inspection company who’s:

  • Experienced; 10 years in the business, performing over 4,000 home inspections.
  • Trusted; Delivering a high quality professional experience and level of service
  • Preferred; Central Iowa’s agent-preferred home inspection company
  • Certified. Follow American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) guidelines. State of Iowa radon testing certified
How can I schedule a home inspection with Mescher Home Inspections? 2016-07-19T23:55:07+00:00

We know you are busy, so we make it quick and painless! We encourage you to call Megan, our Office Manager at 515-289-4100 to schedule your home inspection. She will work with you to find a time that fits best in your schedule. Alternatively, you may submit the form on our Contact page to request an inspection. Megan will receive your request and will follow up with you shortly after to schedule your inspection.

Why is radon testing important in Iowa? 2015-02-16T12:33:13+00:00

Radon is an odorless and tasteless gas that results from the breakdown of uranium in the soil.  Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.  Iowa has one of the highest average rates of radon in the United States.